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About Us


El Gaucho is a prestigious Argentine restaurant located on the front line of Puerto Banus, where each of our guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the Port up close. Our wide open terrace creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere where the climate, lifestyle, exclusive yachts and luxury cars make the street a unique view in the world.

Our Kitchen

Our Restaurant presents traditional Argentine cuisine but with
international and seafood overtones. Although our forte is meat, El Gaucho specialises in Creole Argentine ethnic food, with dishes such as northern-style empanadas, or the traditional way of grilling meat by our expert grill-masters. You know there is no better griller than an Argentine Gaucho .


Our Meat in all its splendour,

And never better said, we offer selection of the best meats on the market, including BLACK ANGUS, directly imported from Argentina (refrigerated and with a certificate of origin), AIRSHARE award for the best meat in the world 2019, WAGYU IBERICO,

(halal certificate), BLONDE GALLEGA and RETINTO from Spain.

All our meats are treated and pampered to the extreme, presenting not only their respective certificate including those slaughtered with the HALAL Ritual, but also a certificate of traceability and cold chain, since with this we know not only the age of the animal but the real time of refrigeration and where it comes from and even when the animal was slaughtered.

Our cuisine consists of an extensive menu for those who enjoy meat, pasta, fish or shellfish, and also for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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